November Beatitude 2017

November has come to an end. And actually, it is December already. I guess it is too late to post November Beatitude 2017 but it is still a mandatory to me because I had to? Absolutely yes! I would say November was like a rollercoaster where there were some ups and downs yet I had … Continue reading November Beatitude 2017


September Beatitude 2017

Hello, Guys! I know it is a bit late to share my favorite things of September 2017 but I guess there is nothing too late for goldy things right? Truthfully I have been quite occupied with works and college. Things have been rolling in like sandstorm in Sahara. Sounds too much? But that is the … Continue reading September Beatitude 2017

Sophisticated Tips For College Freshmen Should Know

Life on campus offers a lot of temptation for the unwary students. And you absolutely have necessities that take up a large portion of your college fund, such as lifestyle and clothing, furniture to decor your own dorm, class/lab fees, food and entertainment. Moreover, you have things to prepare before you start your freshman year. Fortuitously, … Continue reading Sophisticated Tips For College Freshmen Should Know