i think this is my very last blogpost.

twenty-seventeen has almost come to an end in a few hours. You might think I am currently having fun with my friends in the lounge, having some drinks, laughing over the past, and thinking about our 2018 resolutions. No, I am not. I am just sitting here in the middle of the stairs, writing down … Continue reading i think this is my very last blogpost.


November Beatitude 2017

November has come to an end. And actually, it is December already. I guess it is too late to post November Beatitude 2017 but it is still a mandatory to me because I had to? Absolutely yes! I would say November was like a rollercoaster where there were some ups and downs yet I had … Continue reading November Beatitude 2017

VLOG | Brunch at Common Grounds

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_YNlZW4yV0 Hello, Loves! Back to another weekend of September and I am so glad that I just finished with the Model United Nations conference. It went great and I spent for almost 5 days working in the conference discussing about the most neglected humanitarian crisis in the world at Lake Chad Basin and human capital … Continue reading VLOG | Brunch at Common Grounds