I was recently bumped into The Body Shop store nearby and found some new babies. Not literally babies. Make-ups are the babies.

I was actually looking for a compact powder since I ran out of it and it cried me a river. Kidding! It was also my first time using compact powder from the Body Shop and I thought I was going to give it a review along with another babies too.

Lip Matte Liquid – Crete Carnation 030

The first thing that I would like to review before all is their latest Lip Matte Liquid. They just launched this new type of matte liquid and I wanted to try it out. Its texture is slightly soft, the scent is really sweet which I love the most, but unfortunately I think this is not the best product they have. It doesn’t get matte on my lips that quick and doesn’t really last that long but I still like it to use it at college, home or somewhere around not too far from the neighborhood. It costs for $10.

Osaka Plum Matte 429

But this one is different. It gets matte really quick and lasts quiet longer. I love how it matches with the texture of my lips and its red wine color which I have always wanted. Its textures itself is pretty smooth and I recommend this one for Body Shop’s lipstick.

All-In-One Face Base 052

Finally the savior of my college life has arrived. This is the first time I started to use Body Shop’s powder compact, I am not disappointed to purchase this product since I am head over heals in love with its sophisticated packaging. It also absorbs face oils which could help my skin look fine for the whole day.

Rainforest Radiance – Detangling Spray for Colored Hair

This hairspray has been a good friend to me since highschool since I used to have colored hair though right now I am wearing hijab. I like using this hairspray after shower to keep my hair hydrated though I know the main purpose of its hairspray is to maintain colored hair to stay longer.

Drops of Youth – Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask

Actually this one is a sample I got from the shopkeeper. Drops of Youth is also The Body Shop’s latest product to be best applied before sleep. It is sort of vitamin to keep your skin hydrated. It felt refreshing as I rubbed it around my face skin and I think I would like to have some more.

That’s all I have got from this week’s shopping haul with The Body Shop. Have you ever tried any of these yet? If yes, tell me what you think and let’s have a conversation in the comment box below. Have a great weekend, loves!

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13 thoughts on “The Body Shop Haul Including NEW Lip Matte Liquid

  1. I just use their skincare before. I was not into makeup when I was crazy about The Body Shop. But recently I saw they have vegan makeup which makes me want to try their makeup so badly! Thank you so much for sharing! I think I will try the matte lipstick since it sounds worth the money. 😉

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    1. Ah that’s why I started to fancy Body Shop so much too! And also because they are against animal testing👌🏻 Oh for the matte lipstick, yes you definitely should give it a try! I love how it smells like, really sweet like gum. Thank you so much for reading as well, Maggie! Xx

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    1. Aw that’s sweet. Thank you so much for reading! And yes they actually have. They are all great and have amazing quality. My favorite is Drops of Youth, I think I should get more haha xx

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  2. Aw that’s sweet. Thank you so much for reading! And yes they actually have. They are all great and have amazing quality. My favorite is Drops of Youth, I think I should get more haha xx


  3. Love love love the body shop! I’ve been loyal to these products for years. Have you tried their new face masks? Their new tingling clay mask is THE BEST.

    Your blog is just gorgeous! I can’t wait to read more


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