VSCO Filters That Fashion Bloggers Use On Instagram

Have you been thinking about what filter that your favorite fashion bloggers use for their pictures on instagram? This time, I’ll reveal some secret vsco filters that these fashion bloggers (whom I like) always use on instagram.

So I’ve been keeping up with vscocam by drowning my skill into its nitty gritty. Isn’t it so bored to see the same old filter such as F2, SE3, HB1, HB2, etc without any difference and that’s it. Then I’ve finally found some awesome patterns which I think these patterns are quite but surely similar with the filters that these fashion bloggers always use on ig, okay so let’s get started!

1. Andy Torres (@stylescrapbook)

Her posts on instagram are always adorable which always make people say “it’s a life goal goddammit!”.



HB1 doesn’t look good for dark pictures but looks good for selfies. As you can see on Andy’s pictures, the original pictures of its filter is bright already, so if you want to restart your instagram feed with this filter, I suggest you to take more bright pictures.

2. Nicole Ciotti (@nicoleciotti)

Nicole’s pictures on instagram look reddish and bright. It’s also because of her reddish hair and the effect of the filter she uses, I assume she uses SE2 or C1 preset on vscocam.

nicole chiotti


C1 looks good for selfies if you add a little bit of exposure around +1 or +2 and lowering the sharpness of C1 preset from +12 to +6 or +7.

3. Gizele Oliveira (@giizeleoliveira)

Looks fade and reddish without a touch of contrast. I assume she uses F2 for her pictures.



Not being a racist but F2 only looks good for white people. Because it gives perfect contrast to their skin but when it comes to black skinned people, it just looks too dark for them because of F2’s high contrast. This filter pattern looks perfect for summer pictures.

What do you think about these filters? I hope you like it. Take some great pictures and try to use one of these cool filters. If you want to share your own hidden vsco filters, you can comment below or email me ( and I’ll give you a credit 🙂

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