LookBook #2 Casually Formal for Dinner

Another idea to go for you who are going to dinner but still want to look casual. I actually am wearing tights since the rippled pants are quite short, nevertheless you still can work it out with tights!


LookBook #1 Effortless Sunday Outfit

It's been a while for me not to post anything on my blog but this time I have a new section called Her Lookbook! In this new parent category, I will not write as many words as usual, since it is called Lookbook, I will only post closer pictures of outfit that I am wearing. … Continue reading LookBook #1 Effortless Sunday Outfit

VLOG | Going Picnic with JanSport Campus Ambassadors Indonesia!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGOknUukjMk&t=27s Hello, Peeps! I am so glad to be back again after a while. Although today is Friday, I just wanted to make up yesterday's post because seriously, days in uni are getting tense thus I was a bit distracted from blogging and I am really sorry for that. However here I am bringing you another … Continue reading VLOG | Going Picnic with JanSport Campus Ambassadors Indonesia!